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Non Surgical Hair Transplant Centre in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Center

Baldness, Marginal Hair, Thin Hair, Short Hair, Bald Patches, Damaged Hair, Pattern Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Dull-Frizzy-Non Fashionable Hair

Hair wigs is Cent Percent Safe and Secure way to end your hair woes. There are many types of hair problems that affect your personality, Self-Esteem and General Confidence in yourself. Some people accept their Bad Hair and make Peace with it. But then missed opportunities and social stigma always leave deep disappointment in them.

They can go for Surgical Hair Transplantation which is not financially viable option for many. Also, it is not guaranteed that this procedure will give desirable results. Not to mention that it is High Maintenance too.

In the market lots of Cosmetic Products are available. They are very sophisticated to use and pricey. Moreover, there is no saying about their success rate. Be it herbal or ayurvedic or chemical formula, none of them guarantee anything.

Go for Non-Surgical Hair Transplantation at Beauty Centre in Kolkata.


We have a Skilled Team of Hair Technicians and Hair Specialists who has vast pool of Experience and Knowledge to help solve Hair Problems. We use highly innovative and revolutionary technique to give shape to your persona. We guarantee Maximum Satisfaction with Minimum Fuss. Added to it, there is No Side Effect and No Permanent Damage.

We Manufacture a wide range of Hair Wigs, Hair Extension and Hair Patches to suit Every Need, Every Situation, Every Condition using real, as well as, Synthetic Hair in different Price Ranges to suit all pockets. A very reasonable way to fulfil your fantasies and raise your Self- Esteem, we offer.

The professionals at Our Centre have deep knowledge and extensive knowhow to answer all your queries and handle all your hair worries. We deliver results as per your Requirements and Specifications. We also instruct as to how to maintain our products best for Durability and Protection of their Shape and Texture and Shine.

Live the way you want to live. We are there for you to help you dream.