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Hair Patch Learning Course in Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Beauty Hair Supply & Beauty Centre

For more than a decade now, we are the most trusted name in “Hair Wigs”, “Hair Patch”, “Hair Extensions”- basically, all “Non -Surgical Hair Replacement System”. From our humble beginnings, a small work place in some obscure by-lane, we have grown into a full- fledged Manufacturing Unit, specialising in Producing all types, all varieties and all kinds of Hair Wigs that are presently in demand in both Local and Global Markets, adhering to all standard stipulations and quality bars.

Now we have diversified our operations in the field of Training and Instructions with the wholesome aim of raising a new brand of specialists and experts who will take this Industry to an altogether New Level.

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Head Office & Factory Unit I -

Latibpur, Uluberia, Howrah – 711 316, West Bengal, India

Courses We Offer

Hair Patch & Hair Wig Training Program

1) Hair Patch & Hair Wig Training Program

Duration - 2 Months

Fees - Rs.1,00,000/- only

2) Hair Extension Training Program

Duration - 7 Days

Fees - Rs.50,000/- only

Combo Program

@Flat 15% Discount on the Total of both Training Programs.

Wonderful Career Option

Hair Wigs have become indispensable for Fashionistas, Trendsetters and Social Influencers. We cannot even begin to emphasize the importance of Hair Wigs and Extensions to those who are/ have gone Bald, or have Marginal Hairs. Our Specialists become a Godsend Angel to them. With expedient and Deft Hands, they give them a complete makeover, that too, with Minimum Fuss and Maximum Satisfaction. Our specialists develop skills in our Institutes that give them a vast knowledge of the various kinds of products available in the market, their suitability as per the need, circumstance and time. A little Imagination and Innovativeness, together with precision and Techniques Learnt in our Institute, can make them the most sought-after Professionals in their field.

What you learn - A Glimpse

Hair Patch & Hair Wig Training Program

Remy (sometimes also spelt Remi) in hair wigs means human hair wigs.

Some wigs need glue, some need to be taped.

Glue-ins are can be expensive, while tape-ins are preferred in hair extensions.

Sew-ins are older types of hair extensions, while clip-ins are easier to handle and affordable hair extensions

Durability of different wigs are different

Some wigs need more maintenance than others

Storage of different wigs need different conditions

Wigs should be purchased keeping in mind your natural hair and scalp

Some hair extensions last longer than others- clip-ins last for months, while tape-ins for weeks.


Fashion industry is the fastest growing one. It evolves on regular basis so that any fresh idea or any new perspective will easily find a place here and create a niche for himself or herself. If you have a fascination for glamour and beauty, why not make it your profession, as well? If you are already into beauty business, why not extend it to optimum level so as to give your patrons ultimate satisfaction? Our courses are an extension of what you are already doing.Thus, you brighten your prospects by honing your skills further. Hair is a big part of one’s looks. And hair wig is the most reliable and most efficient way of giving somebody a non-bad-hair day, boosting their morale and confidence. Statistics reveal that demand for beauty accessories is multiplying at an increasing pace and so the need for specialists and experts is on rise, transcending borders and cultures. Furthermore, it gives security and stability of income.

Recruitment on Campus

At our Institute we offer Job on Campus. A Minimum Salary of Rs. 15000/- is guaranteed. Furthermore, depending on the city, where you are recruited, the beginning salary can go to Rs. 30000/-. Moreover, perquisites like Fooding and Lodging are also provided.

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